Splitting the Seasons: Why boys and girls sports seasons are split

Natalie McMacken, Op-ed Editor

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We at Amador are proud to have nothing short of an abundance of sports to choose from on campus. However, three sports (tennis, volleyball and golf) have split seasons for the girl and guy teams.

   “The CIF [California Interscholastic Federation] separates the boys and girls season in those sports. Probably because football is played in the Fall.It has been like this for as long as I can remember,” said athletic director, Louis Cesario.

   For boys volleyball, they play during the spring while the girls are practicing in the fall.

   “We all know it’s because of the space that the school has and that both teams would have a hard time practicing together in the large gym,” said volleyball player, William Brendel (‘17).

   Students thoughts were confirmed by the athletic director when he answered if it would ever be a possibility.

“Schools would never be able to accommodate. Tennis( not enough courts), volleyball (Not enough gym time available), and golf (the golf courses are already impacted),” said Cesario.

   With tennis, the girls team plays in the fall while the boys play during the spring.

    “Having a separate season than the boys is definitely different from most sports on campus, but it’s awesome because we got to hit against them for practice which made it seem like we had the same season,” said tennis player, Kirsten Hewitt (‘17).

   Last but not least, the golf boys playing in the spring and the girls playing in the fall.

   “Many would think that their would be unlimited space when it came to golf courses but that’s really not the case,” said golf player Chad Cliff (‘20).



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Splitting the Seasons: Why boys and girls sports seasons are split