Hot and upcoming: prom 2017

Zach Kolia and Cullen Plattel

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Prom is a highly anticipated event for Juniors during second semester, one that they will remember throughout their high school. The work behind it is not something that should go unnoticed.  

The process of planning prom starts immediately after elections the previous year. The officers planning this year’s Prom are Julia Wood (‘18), Molly Murphy (‘18), and Bridget O’Sullivan (‘18). The three have been working very hard on this dance for a year and they have very high expectations for it.

Prom is being held at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, and will have many new features that previous years have not had, like car racing simulators and basketball and air hockey arcade. The venue also has an outdoor patio where student’s can hang out and get some fresh air throughout the dance.

People may think planning a dance is easy, but it’s taken a lot of hard work. The officers have been raising funds for this dance and their class since freshman year. Events such as Pig Skin, Homecoming, Quickly in the Quad, and ASB Stickers have raised funds for the Junior Class’ Prom.  

“We do all our work, and planning in Leadership, and occasionally over the weekend at eachothers houses” said O’Sullivan (‘18).

The theme of this year’s Prom is linked to James Bond. Prom tickets are in the form of a James Bond tuxedo. When students walk into venue, they will follow a red carpet, with gorgeous classic cars on either sides of them. Inside the venue, centerpieces and decorations are in sync with the theme.

“We chose this theme because it was original, and, uniquely different, something we hope the students will enjoy” said Murphy (‘18).

Aside from the various activities, the food at this years Prom should be some of the best. The girls who have been planning the dance since November have taken students suggestions into consideration when making decisions for what food.

“There will be Margarita Pizza Bites, Chicken Pot Stickers, a Chocolate Fountain, and much more” said Wood (‘18).

Students raised concerns about the rise in ticket prices, but are not aware of the many things that go into finding the right price.

“When taking into account, we first start with the cost of busses. We reserve 10 busses from one company, a year in advance to secure transportation for the students.”

A single bus seats 48 students and costs roughly $1300 for the night per bus. Due to the cost of the busses in addition to the food and activities available, the average cost per person is around $95 to $100. In order to break even, Leadership will need to sell at least 600 tickets.

A lot goes into planning prom, but these girls have worked hard for the past few months, hoping to turn that dream night into a reality.

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Hot and upcoming: prom 2017