Why there’s a lack of holiday decorations on campus


Catherine Xun

Holiday themed posters are set up in the Q building hallway.

Catherine Xun, Staff Writer

Leadership decorates the Q building halls with Hanukkah posters.
(Catherine Xun)

As Amador Valley transitions from the pandemic, students have seen a lack of holiday and spirited decorations on campus. 

In the past, there’s been door-decorating competitions and festive posters plastered around the school to spread holiday cheer. Now, the campus walls are blank and the decorations are low effort.

“I feel like this year, the spirit’s way down,” said science teacher Renee Ogle.

Empty walls, empty halls


Students have expressed a feeling of melancholy around campus due to the lack of decorations. This mood is also heightened due as finals season approaches.


“It just makes me sad because I’m already sad about finals, and then we just don’t see any holiday spirit,” said Anika Aeka (‘24).

Setting up decorations has been difficult for leadership students due to the transition from the pandemic. Students have also been busy managing other projects, so they can’t dedicate much time to decorations.

“After reopening things after COVID-19 we’re starting to open new things again and I think that’s taking a lot of effort and time as well,” said Taekyung Kim (‘25).

Leadership sets up their door in spirit of the annual door decorating contest.
(Catherine Xun)

While the hallways appear empty, Leadership has actually made efforts to make the school more festive. Members have claimed to set up different posters and decorations, only for them to get ripped down the following day.

“We decorated the hallways too but everyone ripped it off within the first day so Mr. Weber, our leadership teacher, was trying to find a way to prevent that. But until then we can’t really do anything about it,” said Kim.

Inclusivity and diversity

It’s also been difficult for Leadership, as they have to be inclusive of different holidays other than Christmas. Some have set up Hanukkah decorations in the Q building to make the campus more diverse.

“In the past, we were a lot more Christmas focused but the more we realize we need to be more diverse now we’re being a lot more general that includes more holidays like Hanukkah,” said Kim.

In addition to posters, Leadership will also be continuing their door decorating contest tradition. Students will cover their teachers’ doors with festive decorations to help with the holiday spirit.

“People went all out. We had a lot more spirit,” said Ogle about past years’ contests.

Leadership is working on other ways to spread holiday cheer, especially on social media. Several members are working on festive posts including spirit weeks and holiday events.“Other than decorating, a lot of us are focused on social media so we’re trying to post a lot on social media like spirit weeks,” said Kim.