Stop asking celebrities to prom!


Pictured is a student, not from Amador, that is trying to ask celebrity Zendaya to his prom.

Fiona McHugh, Staff Writer

During the spring months of school there has been an influx of promposals. Teenagers have been asking celebrities to their school dances, which is kind of weird.

   Fans have “proposed” to celebrities via videos, twitter, or instagram. Personally, I find these videos slightly creepy in a stalker-esque kind of way.

   “I’ve never seen anyone ask a celebrity to prom but I bet it would be funny to see one” said Joey Herz (‘19). did a whole spread on normal teenagers who have asked celebrities all the way from Joe Biden to Zendaya.

   I can understand the appeal of receiving attention from a celebrity, but do they really expect to have them come? A few celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Tupac, and Selena Gomez have actually said yes to the promposals.

   “If I were to ask a celebrity to prom I’d ask Zac Efron, but that’s kinda weird” said Jessica Madison (‘18).

   I applaud the celebrities who respond, either with yes or no, to their fans. However, teens may be taking things too far.

   In 2014, a young seventeen year old boy made a video to Miley Cyrus. He pleads to her to take her to prom. Cyrus ended up saying no but invited him to her Arizona concert.

   The viral craze of “proposing” to celebrities has plagued the internet long enough. These promposals have gotten more and more elaborate, and expensive. According to a study in April of 2015 the average promposal costs $324.

   The heartache of an average prom is enough without being rejected, or not even answered, by a celebrity.