AV. Comp Civics takes the win– again!

Esha Chawla, Staff Writer

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Amador Valley’s Competition Civics has brought home its third consecutive first-place win at States! After preparing for over five months, Comp. Civics students were happy to see the results of their hard work when they claimed the state title. By winning first place at the state competition, members of the Comp. Civics team are now prepping for Nationals in Washington D.C.

Stacey Sklar, the advisor of the Comp. Civics team, has personal legal experience and was the perfect leader for the team heading into State Competition. It seems that since she became the head advisor of the Comp. Civics team, the team only knows how to do one thing– win.

“The team was working very, very hard. They were meeting everyday in their units, and then we would meet as a class after school. I think almost every other activity got pushed aside,” said Ms. Sklar.

  Leading up to the competition, students were extremely nervous about how the competition would go.

  “[The night before the competition] I think we were all internally freaking out. But my unit… [was] trying to keep it together” said Madhumitha Krishnan (‘17).

  “We stayed up pretty late going over our harder questions and only got about five hours of sleep, [and] we were pretty stressed out” said Anshul Shah (‘17).

  Even though there was a lot of stress, Ms. Sklar and her team were thrilled with their victory.

  “I think the whole team was very thrilled. They worked extremely hard, and it was nice to see them feel like it was all worth it” said Ms. Sklar.

  Students are excited to see what their future holds for them at Nationals. Can they win? Will the competition be tighter?

  “Nationals: we’re probably going to up our game. So [everyone else] better watch out,” said Krishna (‘17).

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AV. Comp Civics takes the win– again!