Winter Sports Rally 2017

Cathrine Lilja, Photo Editor

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What a great way to kick off the new year at Amador! The Winterguard had their first public debut in front of the school, the cheer and dance team had incredible performances, and the Mr. Amador boys had the crowd laughing. See all of the pictures on the Winter Sports Rally Album!

The Winterguard had their first public debut during the rally, amazing the audience.

During the snowball fights, the students had to capture thrown snowballs into a bucket, and when it was filled, they were dragged back with the bucket in hand.

The Mr. Amador Boys had a hilarious performance featuring Jovan Perez singing during a Mean Girls reenactment.

The winter sports captains wait to announce themselves and their sport to the school, and prepare to play Bubble Soccer.

The cheer and dance teams had a dynamic performance, showing off their incredible skills for the school!

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