New Local Businesses

New dessert coming out near you!


New dessert coming out near you!

Fiona McHugh and Sophie Clinton

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   Hoping for a January 2017 opening date is the new business, Icicles. The new and fresh ice cream roll operation is located on 600 Main Street, Pleasanton, taking over the spot of Yolatea.

   They serve a new technique of eating ice cream, first starting with either the choice of thai tea, vanilla custards, and green tea. They then add custom fruits and other ingredients of your choice.

   “I’m super excited for this new ice cream place. The ‘Nutella and Chill’ sounds amazing,” said Lauren Lawer (‘19).

   The ice cream is then rolled up into six or seven small rolls, then, for no additional cost, you can top it with an abundance of ingredients. The cost for each cup is $6.50, and their most popular flavors are “Nutella and Chill” and “Strawberry Fantasy”.

   If you are dairy free or vegan, they offer an option called “Fruit Roll Ups”, which are fresh seasonal fruits in a puree substance.

   By April 2017, they will have 5 shops open, and are looking for energetic employees to work there part time. If you have any questions or information, contact them at [email protected] .

Menu board

Many people are excited to have Rita’s.


   Rita’s Italian Ice is prepared to be a crowded addition to the downtown community. They will be opening next to Red Coats at 320 St. Mary St., Pleasanton, CA 94566.

   They serve a large selection of Italian ice, creamy ice cream, frozen custard, gelatos, and frozen drinks. They also ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches. Customers may add in toppings as well.

   Some of Rita’s most popular flavors are raspberry lemonade, margarita, and watermelon. They have locations in over 25 states, with over 20 in California alone. There are sugar-free options also.

   “I got the Italian Ice in Cotton Candy and it was really good,” said Alyssa Serrano (‘19).

   Since 2005 Rita’s has been growing into a nation-wide franchise. Rita’s offers a great place to meet friends and new people.

Sundays can be fun days.

Grab a scoop at Almare.

Almare Gelato:

   2016 has been a year filled with changes for Downtown Pleasanton. This past fall Pleasanton has welcomed Inklings Coffee and Tea along with Almare Gelato. We’ve also said goodbye to High Tech Burrito and to Tully’s, popular town favorites.

Almare Gelato is opening where Tara’s Organic Ice Cream used to be, next to High Tech Burrito. They serve a large range of gelato and sorbets for people of every age.

   Kids sizes start at $2.95 for one scoop and $3.95 for a small which is two scoops. They also sell pints of gelato for parties and private events. Another option is to rent the shop for private parties. You can eat all the gelato you want!

  The most popular flavor is toasted almond with figs, gianduja (like nutella), and pistachio. Some other favorite flavors are mint chip and lemon sorbet. Vegan, fat free, and dairy free options are available at all times.

   “I love gelato and I’m really looking forward to going to the new place downtown,” Sahan Suggala (‘20).

   The original location is in Berkeley and opened in 2008. The second one is the Pleasanton location.

Options of gelato.