Food Review: “Bober Tea” is pinkalicious and refreshing


Carol Xu

Bober Tea is open seven days a week, notable for its premium fresh tea and Instagram-worthy decor.

ZERO&. Mochinut. Honey Tea. These are just a few of the shops part of the recent surge of new boba stores popping up around Pleasanton. Yet, despite the growing saturation of the boba milk tea market, newcomer Bober Tea, which celebrated its grand opening in early August, has already become an iconic location on Bernal Avenue for its popular, Instagram-worthy aesthetic. 

The entire store is pink, pink, and more pink, with carnation pink walls, Barbie pink flowers covering every inch of the ceiling, and salmon pink comfortable couch chairs and tables. Regina George would definitely approve. Pro-tip: if you’re craving a mid-day drink, arrive earlier at 12:30 P.M before the main horde of customers crowd into the store to grab seating and take some photos. 

The ordering process is simple and streamlined, with two big-screen kiosks on one wall for customers to choose their drinks. However, Bober Tea doesn’t accept cash, so I advise bringing either a credit card or a friend with a card to pay.

My friend ordered the chizu mango green tea, one of the listed bestsellers, and I went with my default boba order, the taro latte . Both the drinks tasted cool and refreshing, especially in the summer heat, and, while the amount of ice couldn’t be adjusted, you get generous portions, and the drinks themselves are filling enough.

When it comes to classic flavors like the taro latte, there’s not much that differentiates taro milk tea from, say, iTea to those from Happy Lemon, but Bober Tea meets the standard benchmark for a solid taro milk tea, with its signature sweetness, tinge of vanilla flavor, and creamy texture. 

From the creative interior decor to the atmosphere to the cool drinks, Bober Tea absolutely nails their cute concept, down to the very lids of the boba cups, which are shaped like teddy bear heads, and the fun set of swing seats hanging near one of the tables. Future customers can also expect to enjoy the store’s upcoming launch of mochi dough as a tasty complement to their drinks. A must-go for families with kids and groups of friends, Bober Tea is an ideal–pinkalicious even–addition to Pleasanton’s boba scene.

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  • A giant wall of decorated pink roses greet customers when they walk in the store.

  • A large cushioned seat with an overhanging bright pink roof offers some cute photoshoot opportunities.

  • Two digital ordering stations make the drink ordering process simple and easy.

  • The taro latte makes for a delicious, sweet treat to savour in the summer heat.

  • Healthy and sweet, the chizu mango green tea is a bestseller for a reason.