Food Review: Mochinut Pleasanton


Aileen Hu

Mochinut stores often have flavors that are not listed on their website’s menu. These surprises are all the more reason why customers make another visit to the shop!

Aileen Hu, Staff Writer

Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, mochi donuts are a trending snack known for their unique texture. Recently, the popular brand Mochinut has opened a new shop in Pleasanton at the Pacific Food Hall near the San Francisco Premium Outlets.

A New Store

Mochinut is known for their delicately-shaped and tasty donuts, as well as their Korean rice flour hot dogs. Their Pleasanton store’s soft opening, which turned out to be a great success, took place on January 15th—their grand opening date will soon be announced.

“The soft opening kind of introduces our menu, and we haven’t made any particular changes. Some of our donut flavors aren’t on the website though. Our options change day to day, but I recommend the raspberry funnel donut for those who don’t have as much of a sweet tooth,” said Diya, a Mochinut employee.

Creative and Tasty

Mochinut’s donut menu has quite a few classics, and there are also many creative and unique combinations. The matcha donut is a typical but well-liked flavor, and it is also a perfect choice for those who prefer less sugary pastries. The black sesame donut is another well-received item on the menu. It is also not too sweet, and has a balanced taste overall. Besides the commonly known flavors, there is also the guava-mango donut, which has a honeyed yet refreshing palate. Mochinut has even more fun variations such as cheesecake, churro, and cookies-n-cream.

Another item on the menu is the Korean rice flour hot dog. There are less choices flavor-wise, but their crunchy yet chew feel makes them delicious all the same. The original flavor is a great savory snack on its own, but Mochinut also has potato-covered hot dogs that taste as if they come with their own side of fries.

Their menu includes several inventive ways to enrich their snacks and bring out creative combinations such as the crispy ramen and the hot cheetos flavor. Mochinut also offers boba drinks to go with the food they sell. Their drinks do not look as vibrantly colored in person, but they taste amazing nonetheless.


Overall, the store is a great place to visit. Mochinut includes both sweet and savory snacks, as well as refreshments. The employees work quickly, and customers soon receive their orders fresh from the fryer.

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  • Mochinut’s 54th location has opened near the San Francisco Premium Outlets. Its name and logo has officially been added to the list of stores in the Pacific Food Hall.

  • Mochinut’s colorful and bright store front attracts customers to check out their menu and line up for a treat.

  • Employees are busy taking orders, frying, frosting, and packing. They make sure that whatever gets sold out will make a comeback just as fast.

  • Due to Mochinut’s rotating menu, the display window looks different every day.

  • All donuts and hot dogs are fried on the spot, so customers receive their orders piping hot.

  • Every day, Mochinut’s donut selection offers different flavors with varying levels of sweetness. That way, everyone can find something that matches their tastes.