Grey’s Anatomy death leaves audiences heartbroken

Us Magazine

Natalia Rehman, Staff Writer

It was the most shocking moment in Grey’s history. It left millions of fans in utter disbelief. It was the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd also known as “McDreamy”; he was a main character.

He passed, in the episode titled “How to save a life?” released April 23rd. The character was hit in a car crash and ended up in the hospital. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), his wife, made the choice to take him off life support.

Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, had been apart of the show for 11 seasons. According to ABC, “Dempsey is moving on to pursue other interests.”

Fans took to twitter to show their remorse for the death of the beloved McDreamy. Tweets included irritated comments such as “Well there you have it. That was the final episode of Grey’s Anatomy I will watch. #RIPMcDreamy”.

Mournful comments included “I actually grow really attached to these characters. It’s sad but true. When they die it affects me like any other death”.

Twitter was in fact the main outlet for expression for many of these sad fans. Shortly after the episode released, twitter exploded with tweets about Dr. Shepherd’s shocking death. The topic was trending on Twitter, with over 1 million tweets regarding the episode.

Fans will continue to view Mcdreamy as the beautiful human who dedicated his life to saving others.