AV Leadership sprinkles happiness before finals week


Nadya Carreira

Mark Atler (’22) woke up early to support the AVHS students and staff.

Nadya Carreira, Staff Writer

Standing outside the school at 7:30 AM, AV leadership members held  up encouraging signs to passing students as part of the Sprinkling Happiness event on Friday, December 20. 

Sprinkling Happiness is one of Amador’s newer traditions, where students and staff make signs with motivational phrases such as “have a good day” and “you’ve got this,” and hold them up to welcome  arriving students. 

“It’s about spreading positivity, [and] getting students and parents excited for the day. We’re really happy to do it!” said leadership advisor Shawn Weber. 

In preparation for finals week, leadership thought it would be a good idea to remind students that they had the school’s support. 

“I’m very happy to be out bright and early. Spreading joy, spreading happiness–it’s what I like to do,” said Keith Li (‘23). 

To raise student morale, leadership also gave out Amador pins to students walking into school. A lot of preparation and school spirit went into this event. 

“The posters were nice to see… I have finals today so it was nice. I think it will do good for the people around the school to see,” said Lakshmi Nair (‘23). 

Sprinkling Happiness coincided with the final day of Spirit Week at Amador, which Leadership also organized. With Friday designated “Pajama Day,”many students showed up in their coziest, most festive sleepwear. 

“It was a perfect way to end Spirit Week,” said Nair