Hard Work Recognized- Senior Nights on Amador Courts and Fields

Amador winter sports are wrapping their seasons up in the month of February, and each team will bid farewell to their respective seniors, of whom have put forth tireless hours into his/her sport.

The sports that will hold senior nights this month are Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball, and Boy’s and Girl’s soccer.

Girl’s soccer will host their senior night will be held February 12. They will be honoring seniors Briana Marquez, Olivia Cotton, Allison Nickel, Janelle Richmond-Buccola, Haley Mann, and Jessica Landas.

Next up is Boy’s Soccer on February 17, who will be honoring their seniors Davis Talbert, Roberto Beard, Christian Ramirez, Brian Romo, Hector Vega, Max Gershman, Mason Picone, Pierre Marie, Chris Goldhawk, Gabe Thurner, Erick Calva, Andrew Bridges, Diego Cardoso, Omid Eibagi,  and Luis Garcia.

Boy’s basketball will also hold ceremonies on February 10 to honor Brett Barker, Jamaun Charles, Stokley Chaffee, Brandon Ruotolo, Rod Hajian, Nicholas Herbert, Scott Rasnick, James Chambers, and Adam Schmidt.

Girl’s basketball will also close out their regular season on February 19 at 7:00 and honor seniors Ariah Mack and Jennie Vo.

Thank you to all the seniors for making this season memorable; once a Don, always a Don.