PSAT- Worth the wait?

Hannah Scarborough, Online Editor

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Students swarmed into the large gym on Thursday,  December 18th in order to retrieve their PSAT scores. The PSAT was taken on October 15th and was available to all grades, but sophomores and juniors were the main participants. Extensive lines kept some students waiting for the entire lunch period.

Junior Kelly Kim said that “It was so similar to the SAT, so it definitely preps you and prepares you for a real-life testing situation.”

Some students felt that their PSAT scores were not reflective of how they would have scored on the SAT, due to the feelings of stress and adrenaline that accompany a real SAT testing situation. However, some were glad to have the chance to see their scores and recognize areas that need improvement.

Junior Charlotte Armstrong said, “It gave me a good feeling of how to approach SAT questions… I think the essay portion of the SAT will most likely bump my score up, and I’m sure the PSAT is a little different than the SAT. For the most part, it’s probably an accurate representation of SAT scores.”

Although the long lines were a tedious process, students are now able to focus on certain areas of the SAT and improve their scores.

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