Cross Country Off to a Running Start

Zach Stubbs, Staff Writer

With the start of the new school year underway comes the start of a very popular fall sport at Amador: Cross Country. Cross Country involves long distance running, where Amador athletes compete and race against other athletes and schools at different venues. There are about seventy 70 runners on the cross country team, and they are very excited for the upcoming season.

Members of the cross country team have already been hard at work, as the official season started a week before school began. Junior Hakob Darbinyan, a member of the cross country team, described how the team prepares for upcoming meets.

“We train hard for our meets with strenuous workouts and drills followed by a pre-competition workout in the weight room. Everyone is looking forward to our first meet and we are all working very hard in training and pushing ourselves to become better.”

The athletes primarily train at Amador and Shadow Cliffs, which is the home venue for Amador where the races take place. The team is coached and instructed by Coach Ozzie, Coach Banks, and Coach Brian, who all have many years of experience as track and cross country coaches. Currently, the team is training very hard for their upcoming meet on Tuesday (September 2nd) against Monte Vista.

Each race is about two to three miles, depending on the course.  Most courses contain many hills and slopes, so it is not easy to maneuver through the long course.   However, cross country isn’t all about endurance. According to Hakob, the first ten seconds of a race is very important in getting a good overall race time.

“We like to focus on developing speed in the initial ten seconds of every race to get ourselves into a good position and steady pace for the rest of the race.”

With the heavy training and intense workouts these runners have undergone so early in the year, they have built a very solid foundation for the upcoming year and look to have a very successful season.