Colleges are requiring that students get vaccinated

Elyssa Lieu, Senior Editor

The CSU and UC system recently announced that all 2021 students are required to be vaccinated before returning to in-person classes. 

The decision applies to all staff, faculty, and students, and will take effect either with the start of the fall semester or the FDA’s approval of one of the three current emergency vaccines.

“Since I am already double vaccinated, I would rather get the vaccine than stay remote. I am hoping that incoming freshmen will do the same so that the curve will eventually go down and we can go back to the way things were faster,” said Emily Gossett (‘21).

The announcement isn’t limited to California colleges alone. As of now, over 100 colleges and universities have announced similar requirements for students.

The UCs and CSUs have also announced that there may be exemptions for people with religious/moral reasons. 

“My expectations for college are that they will most likely still require masks to be worn until announced lifted, classes will slowly start to go back in person with larger numbers, and maybe even sports events to come back to full capacity if numbers show it’s safe,” said Gossett.

Studies have demonstrated that the vaccine is effective in keeping cases of COVID below. This is especially important because many college students are liable to be asymptomatic carriers, meaning they may spread the virus without being aware of it.

“I hope everyone is staying safe and taking safety precautions seriously,” said Gossett.