Restaurant Review: Nick The Greek


Isabella Guerrero

The restaurant is located in Dublin.

Isabella Guerrero, Staff Writer

As soon as I heard the restaurant name Nick the Greek, I was so curious about the meaning and background behind this restaurant and of course what kinds of different greek foods this Nick guy has to offer. 

Come to find out Nick the Greek is founded by three cousins with the exact same name, Nick Tsigaris. They were inspired to open this restaurant after growing up watching their parents operate restaurants during their childhoods. With the inspiration from their elders they created Nick the Greek to sell a wide variety of greek street food. 

They opened their first restaurant in 2014 in San Jose, CA. Recently, they opened another location in our neighboring city, Dublin. 

There are now 19 Nick the Greek restaurants throughout Northern and Southern California with another 6 to be opened soon.

The design and layout of the restaurant is very open and spacious. The restaurant carried a blue theme, with lots of comfortable seating. They also have a cute patio in front for the patrons of the restaurant to enjoy outdoor dining. 

The menu has a variety of greek street food items to choose from, including the popular gyros. The menu item that caught my eye was the Loukoumades, a traditional greek beignet with nuts and honey syrup. I enjoyed it and found it to be delicious and so creamy.

Along with the Loukoumades, I ordered the Souvlaki Chicken Plate with rice and a side of pita bread and hummus. The Souvlaki Chicken was served on skewers and an order comes with two. I thought the chicken was cooked well and seasoned deliciously, although I wish they had some type of sauce to go with it. The rice was warm and fluffy. I thought the pita bread with hummus complemented each other well and was perfect with the Souvlaki. One negative is the cost, it’s not as reasonable as I would’ve liked. 

I absolutely thought the food was excellent, the location was easy to get to and park ,and the restaurant was clean. The servers were friendly and helpful and I thought it was a great first experience. I recommend everyone give it a try. With the variety of options you’ll definitely find something you like.