Del Valle parking lot closed for hybrid students


Austin Coyne

The construction of a new building by the Del Valle parking lot, as well as COVID-19, pose as obstacles to student parking.

Austin Coyne, Staff Writer

Hybrid students planning on driving to school this semester will not be able to park in the parking lot or garage off of Del Valle Parkway. They will instead be restricted to the main lot on Santa Rita Road. 

This decision was reached by the school after considering a couple of key factors, one being potential congestion. Construction of a new building for science and special education classrooms is currently underway in a section of the Del Valle parking lot; students would be crowded together entering the school to get around the construction. 

“The passageway to enter [the school] has been closed off or narrowed to the point where it wouldn’t be safe for students when they’re arriving to remain socially distanced,” said Vice Principal Eduardo Guerena. 

The other factor is that the Santa Rita parking lot will already be able to accommodate enough student parking. This semester, less than half of the usual attendance will be arriving at school each day; this means more spots will be open. 

“It’s going to be more conducive to our COVID-related ingress and egress plan,” said Guerena

Meanwhile, staff will be allowed to park in both parking lots by reasoning that staff arrives earlier in the morning, there are fewer staff members overall, and that they arrive at varying times in varying parts of campus. Staff parking won’t be congested like student parking. 

“Due to the building, there are going to be a few less parking spots, yes. It is going to take up a portion of the Del Valle lot, but not the parking garage…There will be a minimal reduction of student spaces,” said Guerena

Looking to the future, the Del Valle parking lot will eventually open back up to students, albeit with fewer spots. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern to the school’s administration.