Sharks choke against LA

Nick Herbert, Staff Writer

Bay Area’s hockey team, The San Jose Sharks, suffered stunning upsets as they entered the first round of the playoffs when they choked to the Los Angeles Kings after going up on the series 3-0.

Sharks entered the playoffs as the second seed in the Pacific division bringing the first round of games home against the Los Angeles Kings.

In the beginning of the playoff games, the Sharks went up three games to zero.

In the first game alone, the Sharks pummeled the Kings six to three. Jonathan Quick, the Kings best goalie, felt the wrath of the offensive power house the Sharks have.

Game two brought continuous fire power as the Kings suffered a seven to two loss. Anti Niemi, San Jose’s star player of the game, made 36 saves, an astonishing amount against the Kings.

However, the tides change when the games continued in LA. The Sharks brought what everyone thought was a series changing win in overtime. In LA, the Sharks defeated the Kings in an overtime victory.

The Kings were still in the series and sought out to never give up, as they then went on a series winning streak of four games. Making this stunning upset, the fourth 3-0 series comeback in hockey ever.

Changes for the San Jose Sharks have been expected, but even two weeks after the downfall of the sharks nothing has yet to be done.