The Pleasanton Library Reopened

Kennedy Mayo, Staff Writer

The Pleasanton Library is open for Sidewalk Service! As of November 12, the Pleasanton Library offered citizens to check out books outside in front of the library. 

“We are incredibly excited to be letting the public back in, we are not entirely bringing this as a full reopening if not by any means, but we are able to safely let limited capacity people in per day with increased sanitation protocol,” said Nick Binzoni, Pleasanton Library Community Relations Coordinator.

The new “Grab-and-go” have recently been very effective to the public because they are now able to get books safely. 

“Grab-and-go is a way of really allowing them to come in utilize the resources for a limited amount of time. Bring materials home, check out books, computer systems, and print materials,” said Binzoni.

Due to COVID-19, there have been many changes inside and outside the library. 

Outside the library, there is a tent with all types of books that you can check out. But if you choose to enter the library you must go through a COVID-19 screen test in order to walk inside. Also, unfortunately, if you choose to sit down somewhere you will have to be there for a limited time.

The library is being very cautious about limiting the spread of COVID-19 and making books accessible to the public. 

“I think that it’s great that they’re opening and physical books are now available but I would be worried about the sanitation side of it. You can’t sanitize book pages or book covers, really. So is it going to be very safe or COVID free exchange and experience? That’s the only thing I would be worried about, said Katie Batoy (’21).

There have been different opinions on the reopening of the Library. Some folks believe that this is a great idea and it great that people can now get books safely. But others are still a little skeptical about the whole thing. 

“I feel like it is really good! I know many people use reading to wind down or to relieve stress and now the library has reopened people can go get books again”, said Miles Shaw (’21).

The Pleasanton Library will continue to make things easier for people that are trying to check out books and utilize materials. inside the library. For now, Grab-and-go is the best method for everyone and to prevent anyone from getting sick. If you wish to go to the Pleasanton Library here are the new times: 

Sidewalk Service



Friday & Saturday


Sunday & Monday