2016-2017 Staff

Sanika Samel

Staff Writer

It is Sanika’s ('18) first year on AV Journalism. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends. She is looking forward to meeting new people this year....

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Miles Huntsman

Staff Writer

Miles Huntsman ('17) is a first year rookie to the AV Journalism program. He decided to take it after enjoying Ms. Connelly’s Junior English class. He is excited to graduate and pursue sports journalism in college.  

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Nanette Lui

News Editor

Nanette Lui ('19) is the News Editor for the AVJournalism team. She enjoys lacrosse and reading. She loves her pet rat/dog Snowflake. She is looking forward to improving her writing skills in AVJournalism.

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Ariana Samimi

Staff Writer

It is Ariana Samimi’s ('17) first year taking journalism here at Amador. She enjoys outdoor activities and hanging out with friends. She is looking forward to meeting new people in the class and connecting with the school. ...

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Jordan Boright

Staff Writer

Jordan Boright ('17) just started his first year here on the AVJournalism team. He is attending his last year here at Amador Valley and plans on going out of state to study forestry. He is looking forward to writing for the Ama...

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Calla Li

Features Editor

Calla Li ('18) is a Features Editor for the Amadon. She enjoys dancing, traveling, and hanging out with her friends and family in her free time. She loves learning languages, and currently knows four languages. Calla is looking f...

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Andi Hur

Staff Writer

Andi Hur ('17) loves watching movies, reading books and baking. It is her first year of the AV journalism class and she is looking forward to make more friends and enjoy her last year of her High School life. ...

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David Shih

Staff Writer

David Shih ('18) enjoys  watching movies, unless it is anything from DC (Batman or Superman). He also loves to write stories on his free time and films his own independent movies on his free time. ...

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Ryan Palia

Staff Writer

Ryan Palia ('17) is a nice person who loves journalism and sometimes enjoys playing a game of croquet with his friends.

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Cullan Plattel

Staff Writer

Cullan Plattel ('17), a first year rookie of the Amador Valley journalism class is looking forward to improving his writing and making new friends. He is starting his senior year and plans to go to college after high school to...

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James Rawson

Staff Writer

James Rawson ('18) will be starting his first year as a journalist for Amador Valley Journalism. He is an avid moviegoer and fan of various TV shows. He looks forward to making new friends in journalism this year and gaining new knowl...

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Emily Twisselmann

Staff Writer

In the fall of 2016, Emily Twisselmann ('17) will be enrolled in her first year of journalism and her last year of high school. Emily Twisselmann enjoys making art, breakfast, and being sarcastic. ...

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Mark Liu

Politics Editor

Mark Liu ('18) is the editor in chief of the Amadon and Amador Valley Today. He enjoys sports and reading. Connect with him through email and on Facebook.

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Samara Ayoob-Ahmad

Staff Writer

This is Samara’s ('19) first year of journalism, and she is very excited to be part of this important of school program. Since English was one of her favorite classes, she discovered that journalism would be a good fit! Samara...

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Fiona McHugh

Staff Writer

Fiona ('19) is very excited to start her first year in journalism. She is a JV cheerleader and will be a sophomore in the fall. She enjoys reading and watching football. This year she looks forward to journalism and making new f...

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Addyson Mapes

Staff Writer

This year is Addyson’s ('19) first year in journalism, and she is very excited. Some of Addyson’s hobbies include playing competitive soccer, reading, and hanging out with friends. Also, in her free time she enjoys binge ...

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Bliss Bergmark

Staff Writer

Bliss ('19) is extremely excited to start her first year of journalism. She loves watching and playing sports, and is probably the biggest Warriors fan on campus. Any time during the basketball playoffs, Bliss can be spotted ...

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Eduardo Brandao

Staff Writer

Eduardo ('19) is going to start his first year in Journalism as a sophomore. His interests include playing guitar, watching movies, listening to classic rock, reading comics, drawing, traveling, and learning about new animals...

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Cathrine Lilja

Photo Editor

Cathrine ('18) is a first year in Journalism, who adores writing, with a laptop filled with unfinished books. She is an insane 6’3”, making her height probably the most interesting thing about her. She loves Colorguard and Wi...

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Claire Helmer

Sports Editor

Claire ('17) is the Sports editor, and it is her first year taking journalism. She is an avid baseball fan and loves the Giants. She swims and plays softball and is interested by every sport.

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Ramnath Jeyaram

Staff Writer

Ramnath Jeyaram ('18) is a first year student of AV Journalism. He is a junior this year. He enjoys reading books, especially mystery books like Sherlock Holmes, and also is an avid movie and video game fan....

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Natalie McMacken

Opinions Editor

Natalie McMacken ('17) is the Op-Ed editor this year and it’s her first year in journalism. She’s in love with music and spends her time watching Supernatural on Netflix. She has recently been to a Twenty One Pilots concert ...

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Gabriela Miller

Pop Culture Editor

Gabriela Miller ('18) is the new Pop Culture editor for the Amadon, which is strange because she mainly dresses in pajamas to school. This is her first year doing journalism, but she went on the trip with four girls to LA for...

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Anushka Banerjee

Social Media Editor

Anushka Banerjee ('18) is the Social Media Editor for AmadorValleyToday and the Amadon, which is such a good fit because her Snapchat stories are out of this world. She also loves to discuss politics and other really controversial...

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Maryam Khawar

Junior Features Editor

  Maryam ('18) sold her soul to Mrs.Connelly shortly after starting her sophomore year and has enjoyed journalism ever since. During her first year, she worked as a staff writer and worked different journalism fundraiser...

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Maria Akopyan


Maria ('17) is the Co-Editor-in-Chief along with Hannah So (bffs). She has been involved in journalism since her freshman year of high school. She has been apart of Amador’s journalism team since her sophomore year when she mov...

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Hannah So


Hannah So ('17) is the co-Editor-in-Chief for the Amadon, alongside Maria Akopyan. Outside of journalism, she plays bass for two bands--One Way and the Drops & Flams--and is a part of AV Colorguard. Some of her favorite...

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