AVHS French Students receive penpals in Europe


Grace Chen, Staff Writer

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Starting from the week of October 13, the students from the AP French class at Amador are participating in a pen-pal project with a french-speaking High School, “Lycée Comte de Foix,” located in the Principality of Andorra, next to France and Spain.

The students in the AP French class at Amador will pair up with the students in the English class at Lycée Comte de Foix. The goal of the project is to have the students improve in their foreign language as they both read and write in French with their pen-pal partners. All the letters and documents from the students will be sent through teachers’ professional email addresses.

This is project also offers students the opportunity to use Edmodo, a safe social network that provides the platform for teachers and students to create private groups and have online discussions with the students from the other school.

AP French students from Amador have already sent out their introductory letters and self-explanatory presentations slides that will provide insights in the life at Amador and Pleasanton to the students at Lycée Comte de Foix. The students are currently waiting for responses from the students in France.

Fabienne Genard, the AP French teacher at Amador, in her letter to the students’ parents regarding this pen-pal project, says, “This project will be highly beneficial in developing students’ listening and speaking skills through thematic discussions. Students will be able to compare and contrast cultural perspectives and products as defined by the new CCCSS standards.”

As students enter more advanced levels of foreign languages, apart from grammar, cultural understanding and the ability to communicate in a language becomes more and more important. This pen-pal project will be active throughout the year and hopefully it will help all the students from Amador’s AP French class to perfect and enjoy the French language.


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AVHS French Students receive penpals in Europe